Jul 14 2012

Use Your ‪Facebook‬/Retailr Store to Maximize Your Brand

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It's time to take your Retailr store to Facebook and grow your business. Once you've installed the Facebook/Retailr store app, you're ready to start selling and promoting your products on Facebook. The next step is personalizing your Facebook store.

An easy first step in personalizing your Facebook Store is changing the default Retailr logo and store name to your promote your brand. The band Driver Friendly changed their Facebook default store picture with one of their most popular products and also changed their store name to Merch Store.

Do you ever have sales on your products or promote special discounts? Try using a promotion or discount banner in place of your default picture and store name. You can easily change out the default store name and picture with a promotion title and sales picture to promote your special event. Our help article will help you make the changes.

The Facebook/Retailr app automatically loads your current catalog, so there's no need to re-enter any products. With that in mind, list the products that you feel are going to make the biggest impact on your customers first.

Did you kknow that Facebook has more than 800 million active users with more than 50% of active users logging in any given day? Start your Facebook/Retailr store today!

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